Pre-Production, Copywriting & Planning
i.Location Scouting, Selection and Negotiation.

ii.OnSite Production – Video Shoot, Lighting, Sound, Props, Actors, Models, Make-up Artist, etc.

iii.Motion Graphics

iv.Post Production: Editing, music, sound design, sound effects, sound editing, HQ Delivery – Three Edits included in our basic package

v.Digital Optimization

VH Creative Services

Passion-Persuades COPYWRITING

Our Copywriters understand that information informs, but PASSION PERSUADES! Let’s us find just the right things to write spark an emotion with your IDEAL PROSPECT!

Award Winning Graphic Design

Logo development, Website PSDs delivered before our Website Team begin implementing any design.

Responsive Website Development

Video Funnels, responsive websites, web-to-lead campaign implementation, email campaigns, etc.

Digital Promotion campaigning

Our team of digital marketing experts will negotiate a cost-effective digital marketing campaign including PPC ads, Facebook ads, Instagram Ad program, etc.

VH Marketing Strategy and Implementation – We give your project real traction, PDQ (that’s Pretty Darn Quick)

Define your Ideal Prospect

i. Develop what Project Success Looks Like

ii. Industry Research

iii. Branding Development

iv. Campaign Message and Story Development

v. Media Planning

vi. Metric Dashboarding